Dr. Reint Meursinge Reynders

Dr. Reint Meursinge Reynders

Degrees and registrations

  • DDS. University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1984
  • MSc. in oral biology. Northwestern University, Chicago, USA, 1987
  • Postgraduate certificate in orthodontics. Northwestern University, Chicago, USA, 1987
  • Postgraduate certificate in orthodontics registered by the Dutch specialty registry (NMT), 1988
  • DDS and postgraduate certificate in orthodontics registered by the Ordine Provinciale dei Medici Chirurghi e degli Odontoiatri di Milano (Registration number 713 on 13/02/1990) (First registered by the Albo degli Odontoiatri of Brescia on 26/10/1989)
  • MSc. in evidence-based health care, University of Oxford, UK, 2015
  • PhD. University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2016


Clinical activity
Dr. Reint Meursinge Reynders has been working as a clinician in his practice limited to orthodontics in Via Matteo Bandello, Milan, for more than 25 years.

Evidence-based health care
Dr. Meursinge Reynders is passionate about providing individualized orthodontic treatment to his patients based on best evidence (evidence-based health care). He therefore obtained 2 degrees in this field, i.e., a MSc in Evidence-based healthcare at the University of Oxford (UK) and a PhD at the University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands) that focused exclusively on quality assessments and research syntheses of the orthodontic literature. His research in evidence-based healthcare at these universities has prepared him to conduct quality assessments of the scientific literature and identify best evidence for the treatment of his patients.


Teaching and research
Dr. Meursinge Reynders has been teaching clinical orthodontics at Northwestern University in Chicago and is currently a research associate at the department of oral and maxillofacial surgery at the University of Amsterdam. He has lectured widely in North America, Europe, and Asia. Dr. Reint Meursinge Reynders has conducted his research at the University of Oxford (UK), Northwestern University (USA), and the University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands). Currently he conducts meta-epidemiological studies with different research groups in Milan, Rome, and Amsterdam. He has published numerous clinical and meta-epidemiological studies.


Orthodontic Laboratory
An individualized orthodontic treatment plan also implies an individualized orthodontic appliance. During his specialty training in orthodontics in Chicago, Dr. Meursinge Reynders has been working in various orthodontic laboratories, where he learnt to construct any type of individualized orthodontic appliances tailored to the specific patient needs.


Peer reviewing
Dr. Meursinge Reynders peer reviews for a wide range of biomedical journals such as: PLOS ONE, Systematic Reviews, American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, Angle Orthodontist, Journal of Dentistry, Journal of Engineering in Medicine, Evidence Based Dentistry, Recent Patents in Biomedical Engineering, and the Journal of Applied Oral Science, and BMC Veterinary Research.


After work
Besides moving teeth, Dr. Meursinge Reynders stays active as a tennis player, mountain biker, sailor, and standup paddle boarder. He also is a passionate piano player. Bach, Schubert, and Busoni are his preferred composers.

A final note on Dr. Reynder’s last name
Dr. Reynders’s full last name is actually ‘Meursinge Reynders’. So if you find his name difficult to pronounce he actually helped you with the shortened version of just ‘Reynders’.