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Our office focusses exclusively on orthodontics and our core mission is to provide the best possible orthodontic care to our patients considering their values and preferences.

Office limited to orthodontics

Our office focusses exclusively on orthodontics. This is uncommon, because orthodontics in Italy is usually done by orthodontists who travel between offices of general dentists. Dr. Meursinge Reynders is a certified orthodontist who started his orthodontic office in Via Matteo Bandello, Milan in the early 90’s and has been working in this office for more than 25 years. Dr. Meursinge Reynders has a special interest in treating complex orthodontic cases that require a multi-disciplinary approach.

Evidence-based orthodontics

Our core mission is to provide the best possible orthodontic care (evidence-based orthodontics) to our patients considering all patient values and preferences. Further, we strongly believe that controlling the total number of patients in treatment is essential for maintaining our quality standard. We have therefore set a threshold for the number of patients started each year.

Custom-made individualized orthodontic appliances

We design and construct custom-made appliances. These custom-made appliances are specifically designed for each individual patient. Such individualized braces increase our precision and are particularly important for the more challenging treatment plans in orthodontics.

Harmonious team

Our office consists of a flexible and harmonious team. Most of our team members have been working together for more than 10 years. Dr. Luisa Isaia joined our team recently. She received her orthodontic certificate from the University of Milan.