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Dr. Davide Cavagnetto



  • DDS University of Turin
  • Awarded with the Silver Medal of the University of Turin for the best thesis
  • Postgraduate certificate in orthodontics, University “Statale” of Milan
  • Awarded with the Luciano Dall’Oppio Prize during the XXI SIOH National Congress, for the oral presentation “Personalized orthodontics in patients with special needs”
  • DDS and postgraduate certificate in orthodontics registered by the Ordine Provinciale dei Medici Chirurghi e degli Odontoiatri di Biella (Number 212)


Clinical activity
Davide Cavagnetto graduated with honors in dentistry from the University of Turin. Immediately afterwards he decided to devote himself to orthodontics, a discipline that has always been his passion. He therefore applied and enrolled at the postgraduate specialization course in orthodontics of the University “Statale” of Milan where he graduated with honors. He is currently a PhD student and carries on his research activities alongside with his orthodontic practice.

Peer reviewing
Davide Cavagnetto is a peer reviewer of a variety of scientific journals such as: Scientific Reports, Progress in Orthodontics, Materials, Journal of Clinical Medicine, Applied Sciences, BMC Oral Health, Pesquisa Brasileira em Odontopediatria and Clínica Integrada.

Courses and research
Davide Cavagnetto maintains close relationships with colleagues from various universities in Italy and abroad. He periodically attends clinical courses to be able to share knowledge with his colleagues and open his mind to every possible view of orthodontic problems. He aims to offer his patients a perspective as broad as possible to solve their problems. He believes that the key to successful clinical practice is to carefully present both the beneficial and adverse effects of the possible treatment options to his patients and to decide together which one best suits them. Since graduation he has published a variety of articles in international peer-reviewed journals and was a coauthor in several orthodontic books.



After work
In his spare time Davide Cavagnetto loves taking care of his fruit trees and roses, riding his bike and eating in typical restaurants when he travels for work or leisure. He also has a strong passion for photography, history of art. and fishing. He also loves paper books for which he has little space left in his apartment.


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