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Evidence-based orthodontics

Our core mission is to provide the best possible orthodontic care (evidence-based orthodontics) to our patients considering all patient values and preferences.
This mission is based on the 3 guiding principles of evidence-based orthodontics:
(1) Patient Values and Preferences (2) Best Research Evidence and (3) Clinical Expertise.
Patient values and preferences

Clinicians should be sensitive and have good communication skills to assess the true values and preference of each individual patient (Patient important outcomes or Patient centered outcomes). Best research evidence and solid clinical expertise without fully understanding what a patient really wants can lead to disappointments of both patients and clinicians. Clinicians should work together with each individual patient and aim at shared decision making on their orthodontic treatment plan.

Best research evidence

We are passionate about providing individualized orthodontic treatment to our patients based on best evidence. Dr. Meursinge Reynders’s research in evidence-based healthcare at the University of Oxford (MSc) and at the University of Amsterdam (PhD) has prepared him to conduct quality assessments of the scientific literature and identify best evidence. These assessments help select the current best orthodontic treatment options for each specific patient problem.

Clinical expertise

Solid diagnostic and clinical knowledge and experience are key for providing the best possible orthodontic care for our patients. Dr. Reint Meursinge Reynders has built his experience working as an orthodontist for more than 25 years in his office limited to orthodontics. He stays up-to date through his research activities and through teaching and taking courses in both Europe and the USA.