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Custom-made appliances

Selecting orthodontic appliances

When selecting an orthodontic appliance the following questions need to be addressed:

  • What are the patient-important values and preferences with regard to orthodontic appliances?
  • Which appliances can fulfill the orthodontic treatment objectives?
  • What is the best research evidence on these appliances?
  • Which appliances are the most effective (obtain the desired result fastest)?
  • Which appliances cause the least adverse effects?
  • Which appliances are the most precise?
  • Which appliances are the most comfortable?
  • Which appliances are the most esthetic?

Custom-made individualized appliances

During his specialty training in orthodontics in Chicago, Dr. Meursinge Reynders has been working in various orthodontic laboratories, where he learnt to construct custom-made orthodontic appliances.

We design and construct custom-made orthodontic appliances. These custom-made braces are specifically designed for each individual patient. Such individualized appliances increase our precision and are particularly important for the more challenging treatment plans in orthodontics. Individualized appliances also significantly reduce:

  • the number of orthodontic visits
  • the overall duration of orthodontic treatment
  • patient discomfort.